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The Team Behind Hampton + Hudson and O4W Pizza Head to the BeltLine

Nina & Rafi is ready for a slice of the BeltLine action.

Co-owner Anthony Spina in action at Nina & Rafi  


Eastsiders, your vita bella food dreams are coming true thanks to Nina & Rafi, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, now open at SPX Alley. Named after the grandmothers of owners Billy Streck (Hampton + Hudson and others) and Anthony Spina (O4W Pizza), the resto boasts an interior that feels like a cool Brooklyn neighborhood joint—with food to match. Divided into Starters, Not Pizza, Parmesan Heroes, Italian Specialities and Pizza, the menu has plenty of options. But, let’s be real, you’re here for the umami-oozing pizzas, like the instant (or, should we say, Insta?) classic, Tony Pepperoni. The old-fashioned rectangular pie is dripping in spicy arrabbiata sauce, cheese and what has to be at least a pound of pepperoni. It’s so good you’ll forego bemoaning O4W Pizza’s much-beloved Grandma Pie’s absence on the menu. Come for the slices; stay for the killer tunes, creative cocktails and good vibes. @ninaandrafi